Why being Fat is awesome

You might have read our blog on  “Top Reasons Why People Are Fat & Getting Fatter”. 

Now let’s enjoy the fatness 🙂

Here are few facts that will make you smile even if you are fat :

  • There’s no denying it… Real men like curves 🙂

       man like curves


  • There’s so much more surface area to tattoo 🙂
    tattoed girl









  • More adipose tissue in the face makes fat people look cute and youngercute cheek image









  • Fat people are the best huggers and spooning partnersfat people hugging image








  • Also, lesser chances of bone damage and osteoporosis
    happy fat woman













  • Extra fat = Massive boobs 🙂









  • And finally, you know who actually likes you for what and who you are
    fat man image


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